About me

I am a dedicated Havanese breeder who wants to improve the breed quality.  My dogs are shown at local and national AKC conformation dog shows. I’ve had 4 new Champions this past year (2022)

My dogs are my passion and serious hobby!   I’m the current Vice President of the Havanese Club of America

I breed to the AKC standard and advocate responsible dog ownership by requiring all of puppies to be spayed or neutered at the appropriate age if not living in a show home.

Simply put, my puppies are my pride and joy.  I will never sacrifice quality over quantity.

A Note From The Breeder:

Welcome to Jangle Havanese!  I am the breeder, Jean Nagle.  I have been an animal lover all my life.  In the early 70s, I got into showing and breeding dogs.  My breed then was Australian Shepherds.  For many years I showed this breed, but, as life would have it, I became a single mom and had to concentrate 100% on raising my children.  I knew, though, that someday I would return to dogs when the time was right.

I understand the importance of finding the right breed of dog.  Prior to selecting Havanese as my breed of choice, I researched every Toy breed that the American Kennel Club recognized.  I wanted a dog that would fit into “my” family life.  I found it in the Havanese.  They are great with small children.  In fact, one of my major concerns was getting too small of a dog, as grandkids can easily hurt a small dog.  However, I also wanted a dog small enough to take on airplanes.  Further, I wanted a dog that did not shed and was hypoallergenic.  The Havanese has not disappointed; they are everything and more.  They truly are your furry, playful, loyal friends.  I love my pups unconditionally and know you will too.

If you are interested in knowing more about this wonderful breed, I am happy to talk to you about them.


Jean Nagle